This is Me!

Hi, I am Rachel  I started working in the wedding industry about 15 years ago doing Bridal makeup.   Initially I did a small amount of wedding makeup alongside my own home based beauty therapy business.   However 10 years into  the beauty business I found myself overwhelmed with beauty clients and had to make a decision to either move out into commercial premises and hire staff or to work loads more hours.   I wanted a work life balance as I have a husband, two beautiful daughters who seemed to need Mum a lot more and a golden retriever who loves people and going for long walks.  I also have discovered the joy of caravanning!

So having been asked by so many brides do you do hair and makeup?  I made the decision to step out fully into the world of weddings and add to my skills by training  in bridal hair.   Concentrating on bridal hair and makeup  has been one of the best decisions I have made.  Not only do I have a successful hair and makeup business but also a good work life balance.  I am so passionate about what I do, I love it and count it a privilege to be able work my passion.   My favourite part of the job, is  when my bride to be, is transformed into a bride.  She looks the best version of herself that she can be.  She feels beautiful and is confident to walk down the aisle with all eyes on her.    I want my brides to be the most naturally glamorous version of themselves, to feel amazing yet still be recognised by her groom when she gets to the end of the aisle!

Because I have been in the wedding industry for a long time I can bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to help the wedding day morning run smoothly.  I love to make Mums of the bride look and feel fabulous and the bridesmaids look incredible complimenting the bride.  I  have a wedding morning emergency kit with me, a crochet hook for doing up buttons, mini sewing kit, scissors and a few other essentials that may be needed during the morning.  My skills run to doing up corsets and pinning on corsages whatever is helpful I can do if needed.  I have seen it all!!

Other services I provide are special occasion  and prom hair and makeup styling.  I love providing this as I can do different styles to match the clients outfits and the type of event they are attending.   I can do high glamor or natural styles whatever client is dreaming of.  My aim is to make them feel beautiful, special and confident.

Last but not least  I run one to one makeup tutorials and do Makeup Bag Makeovers. I really enjoy teaching other women and teenagers how to correctly apply makeup.  To show them what colours make their eyes pop,  how to apply foundation flawlessly without looking caked on,  to use  the correct products for their skin, skin tone and colouring.  Enabling women, to look and  feel a better version of themselves on a daily basis not just on those special occasions.  Makeup can help you feel amazing if applied in the right way.    Clients come to me for all sorts of reasons, birthday treat, new job, special event, brides to be or just to be more confident in applying makeup,  each tutorial is tailored to their specific needs.

So this is me and I look forward to working with you!